White Blood Count Tells The Tale

Package includes style consultation and how to set the scene for making your house look its best for selling. We also work with your photographer to get the best for sale images.$500Consultation only.$150Lounge pack:

Includes up to 8 cushions, vases and decorative pieces.$100Bed pack:

Includes duvet cover (including inner), throw cushions, 4 pillows with slips, lamps and decorative pieces.$100

(per room)Full house:

Value package: Lounge, Dinning Room , 3 Bedrooms.$399We can help style your own furniture and make suggestions on new furniture to purchase. Or for an interior make over our “fresh eyes” service can discuss ways to get the most from your new home (1.5 hours).$150All furnishings supplied are ONLY FOR USE DURING OPEN HOMES AND PHOTOGRAPHY and remain the property of Red Poppy Home Staging. Plastic bags will be provided for storing them at all other times. Staging packages are for a minimum of 4 weeks plus 1 week free ofcharge. This is generally proven to be adequate period to achieve a sale. Extensions are possible on a case by case basis. Price includes delivery, set up and removal. Prices and packages outlined are based on a standard sized home (3 bedrooms) with good access within the Kapiti/Wellington area.First impressions are tremendously important to real estate.

7 Easy Steps to a Better Open Home

Give your home the “wow” factor it needs to impress potential buyers

1.Detail and de-clutter. The first step in preparing for an open house is to ensure that your entire property is clean and de-cluttered. Remove family photos, fridge magnets, clear the kitchen bench, close toilet lids. The goal of an open house is to enable prospective buyers to envision themselves living there, and clutter and disorder prevent them from doing so. Sellers should detail their entire house room by room. Also, make sure that outdoor spaces are in tiptop condition.