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There are many brands of toothpaste on the market. You may have to try a few to find out which baking soda toothpaste is best for you.Best ToothpasteThe Best Toothpaste Whitening

Many people would like to have the best toothpaste whitening product, but the field of oral care is very confusing. There are hundreds of brands of toothpaste and ever manufacturer makes the claim that their product is the best. For the consumer it is very difficult to know what the real truth is. Both Colgate and Crest alone offer so many best whitening toothpastes and each one is hyped up to be better than the other brands. And to make it more daunting in picking toothpaste, there are other more famous brands of toothpaste like Aim, Aqua Fresh and Rembrandt- each with their own unique toothpastes and flavors. Finally, the prices are very much different for what appears to the same size of toothpaste and ingredients. So what is the real deal?