What Neutropenia And Neutropenic Mean

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Baking soda toothpaste is known to promote fresh breath and maintain good dental hygiene when used regularly. This simple chemical otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate has been ground up and used to make toothpaste with great results. This led some innovative individual to combine baking soda and toothpaste. In the beginning baking soda and toothpaste formulations were very abrasive and harsh on the gums but a lot has changed. The latest formulas of toothpaste with baking soda are gentle and do help keep your teeth clean.

In the last 2 decades, toothpaste with baking soda has been a popular dental product for many households. Over the years, it has been shown that these toothpastes can help reduce cavities, keep the mouth clean and erase some stains on the teeth. There are many commercial brands of baking soda available on the market. The flavors of these toothpastes vary from peppermint, almond, ginger or cinnamon.

Baking soda paste comes in the same type of packing as normal toothpaste. For the cleanest teeth, you must use baking soda paste at least twice a day. The other great benefit of baking soda is that it keeps the mouth fresh all day long. The baking soda also has other benefits including reduction of plaque and anti bacterial properties.